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Our Uniqueness

Our Uniqueness


Born out of racket sports

Our experience in product design and marketing has been gained in the global racket sports industry; it is these sports, and our common interest in them, that galvanized the team. 

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Carbon, graphene, aerogel, textreme® – these are example building blocks of the products we develop, combining them to create specific performance characteristics to meet athlete demand.

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360° service

We provide a full lifecycle service to our clients driven by our understanding of the product. With our deep insight, we are best placed to provide appropriate procurement, manufacture/logistics and quality control functions as well as bring the product USPs to life through inspirational communications. In addition to this we can utilize our network of national sports distributors to quickly identify sales channels globally with a focus on Asia.

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Our Team

Our team of experts share a common passion for sport and the relentless desire to make a difference. This emotional energy drives us to transcend innovation, trailblazing product design that is unexpected, unforgettable and redefines sports forever.

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Asia Centric

Our business has global interests, network and scale. We also recognize we have a particular skill set, experience and network in Asia. We have based ourselves in Hong Kong to deliver accessibility to the world’s commercial growth engine, China, and make businesses efficiencies through proximity to Asia based vendors and customers.

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