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Our Services

Marque Makers


We offer a 360° service to our clients providing expertise from tactical planning, through the product journey to executing an integrated product marketing campaign. If you would like to review our process, please click here.

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Planning For Success

Product Strategy

Utilise your assets by structuring product ranges and lifecycles that deliver maximum impact whilst minimizing SKU counts, costs and inventory problems. We create product architectures and road maps to meet marketing and commercial objectives and the demands of the athlete, consumer and customer.

Athlete First

Market Research

The foundation on which we build our products and ensure success. We create a comprehensive databank of research, gathering from multiple data sources.  We identify the target market and consumer and understand how they live, chat, shop, play and most importantly, what influences them. Consumer focus groups, stakeholder analysis and consumer testing workshops  both pre design and during the development process ensure we are, and remain, on target.

Making Magic

Ideas Generator

We develop concepts through solid design process and protocols, adopting the latest software and using market research as the fuel for our design engine. Inspiration is drawn from tech conferences, expos and examination of related industries. As well as developing our own IP, we scout for third party IP, developed by specialists in complimentary industries, which can be potentially applied to our sectors.

Testing Concepts


3D printing and vacuum cast molding are utilised in our design process to inform future designs, ensuring credibility of components and the overall design. We open aluminum tooling to build play test prototypes, their performance is validated through laboratory testing to further inform the design and deliver incremental performance enhancement in the final specification.

Mass Production


Our sourcing team, based out of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, is woven into the fabric of Asia manufacturing. We manage a portfolio of vendors in Japan, Taiwan and China that are highly experienced, have an international mindset, attain the highest standards of factory management and deliver quality production. Our Production team manages production within our vendors, keeping our clients informed of production schedules, ensuring we manufacture the correct quantity of product on time.

Premium Quality

Quality Control

Based out of China, our quality control team develops QC protocols for key stages of the production line, meeting the individual requirements of our clients. These protocols are implemented by assigning team members to vendors to check the production line and finished products. Our clients trust the quality as well as the performance of our products.

Worry Free


We provide our clients with expertise in shipping products across the globe by supporting client/customer logistics functions with documentation for customs and tax purposes, making sure products leave and arrive on schedule.

Immediate Sales Channels


We provide immediate and significant sales opportunities to our clients seeking Asia focused sports distribution channels. Marque Makers is a gateway to global sports distribution, with a particular focus on Asia. Our network of trusted national distributors across the globe are linked to our sales team which provides a sales and communication function for our clients.



Communication of a products innovation is fundamental to its commercial success. We align ourselves with the brand’s product marketing objectives and, inspired by the products we develop, create a library of product communication through key visuals, animations, technical blow-ups, point of sale visuals, digital toolkits and technical data-sheets.