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Our Process

Tried And Tested

Our Internal Road Map

Product Critical Path

We are process driven people. We utilise product critical paths, gantt charts and work-flows to manage our projects, to ensure there is clear communication of the road ahead, milestones to meet and responsibilities assigned.

Tools That We Use

We utilise a number of the latest software packages to design our products as well as various hardware techniques including 3D printing, silicone vacuum cast molding and prototype aluminium molds. In this way, we can inform the design process, generating new design iterations that maximise incremental performance.



Gaining a tactical advantage is a key outcome of our internal process. We will draw up your strategic product plan to ensure objectives, actions, outputs and responsibilities are clearly defined and milestones set.


Research and Reconnaissance

Before we get to the start line, we have fuelled ourselves with data on competitors, target consumers, the player pathway, the commercial landscape and current market trends.

Creating The New


Fuelled by data and executed through some of the best product designers in the world, our team will develop a number of concepts with potential to enhance the performance of the athlete.

Data Driven Evidence


Through prototyping, engagement with focus groups, rigorous lab testing and physical testing with athletes, we will refine our design and sharpen product performance.

Building Products


Our procurement team will canvass our network of potential suppliers to ensure we designate the most appropriate supplier to manufacture your product ensuring we meet expectations on price and quality.

Maximising Sales


We offer our clients access to a network of global distributors (Asia focus) to deliver immediate sales revenue. Through this access, we provide business planning and account management services to ensure high quality local distribution and marketing.

Creating Emotion


Innovation is not just about product, it’s about communication. We will shape your product marketing plan through key visuals, animations, technical product blow-ups, POS materials and digital tool kits to extract the key performance benefits, amplify them and communicate these clearly to the target consumer.



Our process creates products that inspire athletes to become better and inspires our customers to become more successful. This is our test for success.


Process Summary

Tactics + Research
Innovate + Validate
Activate + Inspire